Thursday, December 07, 2006

Watch Darfur Burn

This is a criticism of the Republicans and a warning to the Democrats with their new Congressional power. The Republicans have done virtually nothing to stop the genocide in Darfur: the Democrats are showing few signs of doing better. This blog is dedicated to pointing out the failures and shortcomings of the Republicans. That does not prevent me from criticizing Dems as well, or anyone for that matter. Jim, you are an idiot!

Call your Democratic Representative and Senator, and ask for quick, meaningful action on Darfur.

In the meantime, to do something useful, visit Join with hundreds (soon to be thousands) of others.

the darfur wall

Everyone must do something about Darfur: it is not acceptable to decide to do nothing.

The Darfur Wall provides everyone with the option of doing something. You don't want to look back 10 years from now and say "I should have done something about genocide in Darfur." So do it now!

Do something or do nothing - your choice.

the darfur wall


Jane H said...

The Darfur Wall is an inspirational site. Thanks for all you are doing. Everyone should go to the site and light a number in remembrance of those who have died in Darfur.

Anonymous said...

Nice comment!